AKBQ Iron Chain Frisbee Hand Throwing Fishing Nets – Tire Line Fishing Nets for Fishing Enthusiasts And Fishermen in Lakes And Oceans,height2.7M


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Product Description

Material Type:Plumb bob

Many people like to go fishing outdoors in their spare time. Our hand throwing fishing nets are essential fishing gear, fishing with portable size and high performance, you will capture more fish. Don’t miss it. worth to buy!

✩ Product material: Tire line, plumb pendant

✩ Product technology: Pure hand-woven

✩ Product rope length: 15m

✩ Product Grid: 1 finger width

✩ Product size: Net height:Height 1.5M, height 1.8M, height 2.1M, height 2.4M, height 2.7M, height 3M, height 3.3M, height 3.6M

✩ Product packaging: 1 * pieces

✩ Sports outdoor project: fishing

product description:

It is easy to operate. After the net is thrown out, the hand strap can be pulled to pull the bottom frame over the zipper, so that the bottom of the net is tightened, and the whole fishing net forms a large fish net bag, the plate rises to 50cm, creating a stronger centrifugal force, making it easier for fishnets to catch fish.

The plumb bob is not easy to rust, the density is large, the volume is small, the speed is fast, the sound is small, the fish can be better grasped, so that you can go home at full load.


● Manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-2cm, please refer to the actual product.


  • ❤Material: High-quality tire production line, long service life, durable, not easy to break the net, not wrapped around the net, processed by tung oil, is a good helper for your fishing.
  • ❤ Design: Round rotation upgrade Frisbee throwing net, increase stainless steel lead pendant, sinking effect is better, speed is faster, not easy to fall off, use assured.
  • ❤Advantages: Increase the diameter of the disc by 48 cm, easy to operate, 15m thick body and long hand rope, effective closed line without knotting, high quality copper eight-character ring, super strong tensile force, high toughness, not easy to break, throw farther, more sturdy , do not leak the net.
  • ❤Applicable scene: Whether it is a pond, a river, a lake, a river, a shallow sea, etc., it can be abandoned at a long distance and has a wider fishing range.
  • ❤ Product configuration: disc + network cable +, there are a variety of sizes to choose from, the product is easy to carry, is a good partner for fishing
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