Mitef Saltwater Fishing Cast Net for Bait Trap Fish Throw Net,5FT(150cm Radius,Tire line

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Product Description

Fishing nets are easy to operate, free to install and easy to use! The structure is simple,upgraded version of the fishing net is easy to install, it can be easily lifted and pulled, eliminating the cumbersome installation process
Size detail
the size after opening!!!
*Type1(4FT Radius): diameter:210cm/82.6″(approx), Height: about 120m / 47.2″;
*Type2(5FT Radius): diameter:300cm/118.1″(approx), Height: about 150cm / 59.0″;
*Type3(6FT Radius): diameter:360cm/141.7″(approx), Height: about 180cm / 70.8″;
*Type4(7FT Radius): diameter:420cm/165.3″(approx), Height: about 210cm / 82.6″;
*Type5(8FT Radius): diameter:480cm/188.9″(approx), Height: about 240cm / 94.4″;
1. Grabbing the nylon string and wrist strap in one hand hold the net upright with the weights hanging
2. Hold the ring and grab and hold one of the weights behind the ring in line with the ring.
3. Twist your body moving backward and throw the ring and the weight forward.
4. Centrifugal force will open the knit when you throw it
4/5/6/7/8-feet radius. 49 – feet long braided poly hand line, We believe this Fishing Cast Net will give you a pleasant experience. If you have any questions about the product, Please contact us firstly and our will solve It for you at once. Give you 100% satisfaction Service experience.


  • 🐟HANDMADE: Made of high-quality tire lines , processed by tung oil, strong and durable, strong drawing not easy to tear, help you fill the fish every time
  • Through chip Aggravated net pendant,fast water intake, and the fishing efficiency is high;All-copper eight-word swivel, not wrapped around the net, the pull is large, the backlog is not open line
  • Upgrade the Frisbee design: After the net is thrown out, pull the hand strap to pull the bottom rope of the hand rope through the zipper, so that the bottom buckle is tightened, and the whole fishing net forms a large net bag for fish.
  • Make capturing live bait easy and fun. Provides significant savings in bait cost;Provides quick sink and a tight bottom seal to prevent bait escape. Strong, secure closure on retrieval.
  • The fishing net: 15 meters upgrade, thickening, lengthening hand rope to help you throw farther. Note: The options of the size details is for the totally expanded diameter size (4/5/6/7/8 ft) of round net, not the length of net.
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