OAKWOOD Carp fishing Set Up With Rods Reels Alarms Net Holdall Bait Bivvy & Tackle 2 WAY

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Full Carp fishing Set Up With Rods Reels Alarms Landing Net Bait Bivvy & Tackle, Carp Fishing Set 2 x Carp Rods 3 x 2 Piece 12ft Carp Rods, 2.75lb High performance carp rods, Screw Winch Reel Seat with Lacquered Hoods, Slim Soft Touch EVA Comfort Foam Grips, Stainless Ring Handle Trim, Shock Absorbing Rubber Butt Cap, lined guides. 2 x Baitrunner reels with line Bait Runner/Free Spool Reels with Line x 3, Great performing reel, Big line roller, Spooled line, One way clutch, Balanced Rotor, Ergo Grip. Line capacity: lb/yds: 15/210; 18/170; 20/130, comes spooled with line. 1 x Specimen Net & Handle Comprising of landing net handle, a net with a strong supporting spreader block. The mesh is soft carp friendly easy flow. All the specimen angler needs to land those large big fish. 1 x Unhooking Mat Fish Friendly Carp Unhooking Mat, Angling Foundation Approved, Unhooking mats should be standard equipment for carp anglers. This mat has the ideal transport dimensions for the roving angler who does not have space for larger tackle items. Dimensions: 90cm x 48cm Material: 100% nylon, with a water resistant coating Colour: green 2 x Carp Bite Alarms Features include- On/off switch, Windproof ears, Low light indicators, Isotope recess front and back, Volume control, Speaker, Sound box socket, Bite indicator light, LED light and Line sensor. With Batteries Rod Pod Light, yet incredibly stable rod pod. Easy to set up. Adjustable legs – providing a stable support whatever the ground. 2 buzzer bars rod holders – 3 at the front . The overall length THE pod can be adjusted to match the length of the rod’s handle. The height can be adjusted from 50 to 60 cm, the length from 80 to 115 cm. Transport length: 80 cm. Carp Tackle 1 Bag of boilies, Carp reels spooled with line, Baiting Needles x 3, Leads 1.5oz x 3 6 x Barbless Carp Rigs Specialist 2+2 Carp Holdall The perfect carp rod holdall, with enough room to transport 2 assembled rods and 2 dismantled rod

  • Carp fishing Set Up With Rods Reels Alarms Net Holdall Bait Bivvy & Tackle 2 WAY
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